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Thanks for stopping by my office! My name is Dawn and I am the Office Manager.

Among other responsibilities, I manage the administrative side of You'll find me updating our social media accounts and running the company's website through Houzz, Angie's List and Google Business to name a few. We are Pro members through Home Depot's Pro Referral site. I'll be the person calling you to gather information about your job request.

Originally from South Louisiana (home of Cajun country where there's always good food, music, dancing and Spanish Moss-filled trees), I made my way to the suburbs of New Orleans where I started my own little family.

We moved to North Georgia in 2004 and have enjoyed all the landscapes, mountains and waterways that Georgia has to offer.

I worked two years in a very demanding, and time sensitive, Scheduling Department at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. I conducted patient phone interviews and prepared case histories for their diagnostic procedures. I verified patient health coverage's with insurance providers and coordinated logistical requirements with many medical offices.  

From 2007 to 2009 I was the Renovation Loan Coordinator for our small residential mortgage company called Renovation Mortgage Plus. In addition to traditional small business owner responsibilities, I led all mortgage related administrative tasks and duties. 

This included reviewing all loan package details such as loan applications, income calculations, borrower credit reports to name a few. With a telephone headset from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I was in constant communication with mortgage applicants to answer all their questions, and assist them thru a complex mortgage program (a unique mortgage that combined the acquisition of a home purchase with home renovation funds in one mortgage). 

Each borrower application required daily communication and coordination with 4 to 6 industry professionals. On a daily basis I spoke with real estate agents, loan processors, attorney offices, underwriters and more. 

I discussed solutions and/or clarified application issues with underwriters from FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. I ordered and conducted cursory reviews of all appraisals, property title, and home owners insurance documentation to ensure pertinent data was captured for underwriting approval. Scheduling closings were coordinated thru me with many closing attorney offices. I reviewed all loan documentation as well as the HUD-1 Settlement Statements to ensure smooth closings for those seeking the American Dream.

I worked for Wells Fargo Bank for five years specializing in renovation lending as a mortgage loan originator. I discussed financial needs of borrowers by going over their income, assets and credit reports to determine a proper home loan amount in which they would qualify for. I then went on to becoming a Regional Renovation Loan Coordinator where I trained loan officers in the proper procedures and packaging of loan documentation.

I have a love for singing and music AND football! I enjoy long walks in the park (true story). Mountains and landscapes fascinate me. I am the happiest momma to four J.E.M.S. My husband Mario and I appreciate your business and we look forward to improving your American Dream.

Oh, and be sure to pay me a visit soon where I will be sharing with you my new business venture in the "virtual" world.

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