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Tongue & Groovy Great Customer Service Cumming, GA

CUMMING: One of the biggest compliments we can receive is when our clients call us back for more work. This was about the 3rd or 4th time we've done work for this client and all it does it makes us want to do even a better job than last time. 

This time we were asked to install a tongue & groove ceiling. It wasn't easy.

Inside job is often pricey for several reasons and one of them is the prep work to be able to do the job. We had to protect the walls and floors, we had to move furniture as well. 

We didn't remove all the drywall but some in order to reinforce with additional lumber. 

Our lead, Jose, is giving some of the boards a little better aesthetic appeal. 

Some progress is fast, some is slow. Piece by Piece - over a week to get this done. 

I wish the pics would've turned out nicer because the ceiling certainly did. :) 

Bam! In person it's even more impressive. 

We get all of our tongue & groove pieces from #PMC Building Materials. Good service, good people. 

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