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JOHNS CREEK: We love being referred, love it! We were fortunate to be considered for this composite deck job. What product did we use? TIMBERTECH! Great product, awesome people.

So the demo begins...old & worn, this deck was barely hanging on. We helped it go to deck heaven.

Out with the old, in with the new. This one is going to be a SPLIT-LEVEL deck.

Sneak Peak-->>>

This is a beautiful backyard, the original deck was truly too small and lame. :)

This could be a view to a kill...not yet but it will be. 


Great decision by the homeowner to select accent & riser lights.

Why TimberTech? Because Mac lives in Alpharetta - Mac, with TimberTech - he stops by the job sites, checks things out, provides helpful tips, and is a pretty cool rep to deal with. 

The Secret: A well built deck has/needs proper hardware - like this angled joist hanger. The homeowner doesn't have to worry about her deck prying apart over time. No toe-nails with on out builds.

More galvanized joist hangers? Yup, and each joist hangers has 10 Simpson Strong-Tie structural screws. 

Diamond hardware? Si. These are hurricane ties to keep hurricanes away. Not really, they're there because code requires them. 

Galvanized 6x6 bases for the 6x6 posts that support the deck. Notice the Simpson Strong-Tie structural screws. 



Getting there...we use blankets to protect the composite decking-> 

<- Done! Looks great with the flagstone from The Stone Center of Georgia pad we installed. Look at the beautiful split-level

What a great passage->

<--Looks nice

During the build from a different view-> 

An egg is an egg of course of course but what it sits in we built for her. 

We had extra flagstone left so we built another pad on her 2nd level retaining wall. 

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