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TimberTech All The Way


There is no better professional feeling than someone important to your success choosing you for their home improvements. 

Yes, it's a BIG deal for us. 

It's no secret that we're big supporters of TimberTech and AZEK products. Great products, better people. 

The old wood did a good job but wood for these these applications is almost becoming obsolete. 

The hot tub is still still cool. All we usually see are the old tubs; hopefully they've been modernized because rare is the occasion that people want to keep them.  

So we demo'd the old deck and before we move forward on the build we have to install new flashing so several reasons. 

Bare Naked Decks

BAM!! Awesome,,,,Pecan decking from TimberTech's Legacy Collection with Mocha Borders (Legacy Collection). 

The railing system is TimberTech Radiance Rails (all composite) - no painting, no splintering...

...just a bunch of LIGHTS!!

But seriously a well built deck is often determined by how well it holds up. 

Most of time when I inspect a deck it's the connections (the nails, the old way of nailing a deck together) that fail before the actual lumber does. 

We use Simpson Strong-Tie Structural Screws (#9's) as you'll see below. 

Here we're using Simpson Strong-Tie  heavy duty "triple-concealed joist hangers" with SS-T # 9's to connect the deck joist to the deck ledger board. 

These are also SS-T "hurricane ties" that keep the deck joists connected to the deck beam to prevent strong winds from lifting the main deck. Each hurricane tie has TEN (10) SS-T structural screws. We use easily 500+ screws per avg size deck build. 

Yes, it's all in the fasteners AND hardware. We don't do the old "toe nailing" system to connect wood. This is a "double shear" joist hanger with TWELVE (12) SS-T #9's. 

6x6 support posts no longer get buried into the ground. They sit on 6x6 galvanized bases above grade to prevent rot. The 6x6 post and base rest (secured with a 5/8 wedge screw) on these concrete footings.

Notice the hardware on the stair stringers. Glavnized and secured with a total of TWENTY (20) SS-T #9's. 

Get it done...

Composite Decking - Bam!

Composite Railing - Bam!

Post Cap Lights - Bam!

Riser Lights - Bam!

Flagstone Landing - Bada Bing!

It's sooo much nicer in person....

The Before

The During

The Almost Done

The Done

The Bam Bam!!

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