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Tile for Days

Once again we were very fortunate to have been recommended thru Nextdoor. It never gets old. :)

We're out of Alpharetta and this is a road I always cross but have only be on it once before this job. Isn't that wird?

The homeowner did a good job and bought all her tile from the good people at Floor and Decor. This small pallet weighs a ton (no pun intended) 

One of our concerns is always protecting the flooring, particularly on demo day. 

Here's part of the original bathroom...pretty typical for the area and age of the home. It was time for a an update. 

We demo'd just about everything including vanity you see in the pic. 

Here's our lead, Fernando, making it happen. We only use James Hardie BackerBoard, not fans of Duroc. It's a .5" fiber cement board, seal with cement board mesh tape and Red Gard liquid cement on the joints to prevent leaks.

And what you see here is BAM! This bathroom had a TON of tile (haha, get it?). 

I think the homeowner did a great job with her vision and tile selection. It really feels like a far away Calgon moment. 

This is the "before" - notice the window wall?

Bare bones...the window wall now has James Hardie Backer Board instead of drywall for a good reason. 

Oh my goodness...

BAM BAM! The window wall has beautiful tile! Click on the pic for a closer look. 


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