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This Old Home


We appreciate very much being referred. It's the biggest compliment. 

This is a nice established neighborhood with plenty of beautiful trees.

This old home to the right is the A.H. Stephens Historic House owned by former Georgia Governor of the same name.  

The builder of this home built several look a likes in this nice neighborhood. These homes really stand out because the majority of the neighborhood homes have the slanted siding and angled roofs. This particular home is all cedar siding. 

Here's what it looked like during the transformation. 

First things first, this nice home desperately needed a good washing. 

We painted the dentil trim and porch in a Sherwin Williams semi-gloss white. The siding (only the bottom half painted in this pic) is a Sherwin Williams Double Latte. Nice.

We love spraying when ever possible (and appropriate) because it leaves a much nicer finish. 

Here's a view of almost a finished job. 

As accents we painted the stair risers white but the steps are actually a Sherwin Williams Lodge Brown. Great

We also washed and stained the rear deck. 

We always spray the deck rails and decking and then roll the decking again for a more durable finish. 

This is a Sherwin Williams Woodbriar stain.

The homeowner selected the color and clearly wanted the deck to match her home. Great neutral colors that some plant greens and red umbrella can make it pop. 

Before: We actually replaced many of the chimney boards prior to starting the paint process. 

Much nicer. 

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