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The Summit

We were glad to be hired for this project. The new homeowners needed the upper-level deck repaired and the lower one replaced.                      

The railing system was frail and very unsafe. In addition to wood decay, the rail system did not have enough rail-post to keep things sturdy/rigid. 

We also had to replace the 2x10's because the rotten wood would not properly grab the new 1/2" x 6" galvanized screws.

Another huge concern was the fact that the floor joists were sitting only on a small 2x2 strip with nails that were prying apart.

After removing the top decking boards we systematically installed galvanized joist brackets that are screwed in with 2 1/2" galvanized Simpson Strong-Tie screws. Each bracket has about 10 screws that a) hold the bracket in pace b) keep the joist from separating from the outer 2x10 bands.

On the corners posts we added more safety brackets to further increase rigidity and to prevent the posts from separating over time.

***Notice the balusters are on the inside & the lateral 2x4's on the outside. This was done to prevent the small children from stepping on the 2x4's to look over. We built the railing to 45" intentionally as an additional safety measures for the young boys.***  

We took the measures on the bottom deck as well.

Notice the bottom deck sits on four 6x6 posts - since we were unable to verify that that ledger board was properly attached we decided to build it this was for security and peace of mind. 

Call us, we're here to help. 

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