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We appreciate our relationship with AZEK/TimberTech very much and work well together. We were grateful to have been part of this project.

This beautiful home needed an awesome deck to complement it. What we built below certainly does. 

Out with the old. The deck was out of code but most troubling was that the 6x6 support posts rested on above-ground concrete footings like the ones you can purchase at Home Depot. Big no-no.

Here's our new framing with temporary support posts. 

BAM! This here is a beautiful deck. We also replaced the support posts for the sun-room and in fact added a middle post.

Turns out the above-grade concrete blocks sat on concrete footings (likely a new construction decision). We put rebar to ensure our concrete pour/footings wouldn't shift. 

We use 3000 psi concrete and forming tubes for our footings. 

As you can see the new deck has a nice angled overhang which now allows for a nicer view. The back yard is is very very nice. 

If you don't see a lot of hardware on your deck or other decks it's likely not to code nor build strong. We use TEN Simpson Strong-Tie structural screws per joist hanger.

In this image we also used a triple concealed heavy duty joist hanger for load purposes. We know what order and why we need it. 

Footings look great as does the framing. 

Framing from the Top

BAM!! Notice the little riser lights on the steps? Looks great. 

The homeowners actually did a very good job maintaining the original deck. But as you can see it was a tiny bit tight. 

The overhang makes a spacious difference. 

The black Premier Railing with Ashwood decking from TimberTech's Legacy collection makes ALL the difference. 

We added post lights on each 5.5"x5.5" posts. Each post also has a black skirt on the bottom for a great finished look. 

Looks awesome. 

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