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The Mother of All Storms

SANDY SPRINGS: To your left is what a flat roof looks like after short, but violent, storm decides to create a little chaos. The wind lifted the roof like a blanket. 

I had just poured me a glass of Carnivor when the property manager called requesting our help. She said two roofs were pulled off two separate buildings.

We were at the job sight with huge tarps within a couple of hours. 

It was raining off and on but each time it rain more and more damage to the inside units. We left finally around midnight. 

The next we were there again securing the tarps, and assessing the damage. It was a lot. 

It is AMAZING how the wind blew this mammoth of a ceiling like it was nothing. It took a crew of 8 and 2-3 dumpsters to move this huge section. 

The damage was awful and everywhere. Peoples homes were ruined, it was nasty.

It's difficult to salvage anything when wet blown-in insulation is scattered everywhere. 

With clear weather we started the process to remove the rest of the flat roof. 

We needed this boom to carry materials...

The very first sheet of plywood to be removed. There was tons of plywood. 

Guess what? It was the middle of June when we actually started (after the insurance claim was completed) and it was HOT HOT HOT.

Lots of plywood, lots. 

And lots of dumpsters. 

We notice that most of the trusses were sagging and would create a problem with the new roof.

If we didn't correct the trusses then water would pool and the new roof would be ineffective. We had to "sister" new 2x4's to create a slight arch/tilt for water to run off. 

Pink plywood? Yes, this is fire rated plywood and a requirement for commercial roofs. Just the plywood alone cost $10,000.00

The rebuilding plywood, new 2" insulation boards (otherwise the tenants would cook from the heat), and new bitumen roof rolls.

Getting there....

We're all very happy around this time because we're almost done. 

New bitumen roof, no more leaks. 

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