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The House that Built Me...sorta

MARRIETTA: We most definitely love Nextdoor and of course the kind folks that share our name with the world. 

It really never ever gets old to get these phone calls. 

This house didn't build me nor did we built it. However, we sorta kinda helped from it caving in. 

We thought the homeowner made an EXCELLENT decision to remove these two load bearing walls b/c it really brought an enhanced appeal to the floor plan.

However, click on the pic and you'll see regular 2x10" lumber instead of the 2x14"  LVL (laminate, veneer, laminate) triple beams required to carry the load for such a large span. 

We start by providing our suppliers engennering depart the data they need (span, pics of the outside of home, detailed info about the floor above, joist span on both sides of the beam etc...then we build temp walls to keep things in place. 

Once the temp walls are up we removed the inferior beams 

Then I get as close as possible to Daniel to get the name of our company but I can barely see it. Click on the pic, maybe your eyes are better than mine. 

Here's the final view of the installed LVL beams. 

One word: Beautiful. 

Beautiful twice over. A total of SIX 2x14" LVL beams were needed to properly support the span. 

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