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The Highs & Lows of Decks

Last week we were on one of the highest decks we've worked on (so high we had to pull out our 40' ladder), this week we were on one of the lowest decks. So low that rails aren't required (less than 30" above grade). 

To the left we have a 6x6 post that we notched in order for two 2x8" beams to rest on. We then screwed the beams to the post with 1/2" galvanized screws, washers, and nuts. 

To the right we have the 2x8"x10' joist jitting on galvanized brackets as prescribed by code. We like to screw ours in with Simpson Strong-Tie screws - we also tucked the L-flashing underneath the siding to prevent water from coming in. 

Call us today! We can repair your existing deck or build you a new one. 

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