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The Cadillac of Great Products

GAINESVILLE: We thoroughly enjoy working with the following two products. I would like to add that the homeowners were exceptionally specific in what they wanted but even more exceptional as people. Simple great folks. 

To start with the homeowners selected Dark Hickory decking from AZEK top of the line Vintage Collection. AZEK in general makes the best PVC products, their decking is also PVC. 

Feeney is the Cadillac of Cable Rail systems. In fact, Feeney provides the 316 all aluminum cable wires for AZEK. 

The Feeney post, among other components, is what keeps them above all others.  The walls of the posts are thicker than any other manufacturer. This is important because from the taught cable wires can often bend posts. 

We did not build this deck, however, this system is the same as what we installed for our homeowner. The perfect railing system to support the view. 

We had to special order the Feeney DesignRail to accomodate the existing deck measurements on this very fairly new home. 

We met with the homeowners in September as the more I look at the railing system today the more obstructive I see it. 

It wasn't hot when we started but I wish it would've been a lot warmer.....

Here's the finished product from ground view. We're going to paint the wood framing, yes paint, not stain. First we're going to apply primer to all the lumber. The prmier will stick on that wood and never let go (protective coating # 1). Then we'll paint it b/c paint last a lot longer than stain. We don't want the product to outlast the framing.

The details. We installed additional blocking underneath the posts for proper and safe support. We installed a double-border with 45 degree corners. 

Doesn't this look awesome? The best. 

It takes careful installation for each 316 grade aluminum cable wire. 

This cable system really looks soooo much richer/elegant in person. I tried my best with the pics. 

Notice there's only ONE board per row? We don't like cut/staggered pieces. We ordered 20' long boards. Notice the screws? Nope b/c we used a "hidden-fastening" system to secure the boards. No nail pops...haha

Here's the completed view. We jacked-up the roof a little to install the PVD deck boards under the columns. ;)

The look when we arrived. 

The improvement when we left. 

This railing was really to thick...

Doesn't this look better? 

US Marine Sgt Boles helping dad (me) on some job visits. 

Here's what the deck looks like now. 

It don't get no betta you betta you bet.

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