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The Big Kahuna

We got lucky to find our way back on the river. We demo'd this deck on the left and started our composite build with a beautiful TimberTech combo...

We start the process wit the ledger board (back)....

New pressure treated 2x10 framing

Galvanized joist hangers on each joist adjacent to the 2x10 ledger board - the ledger board was secured with .5"x10" galvanized through bolts that attached to the house band (2x10) - 12 Simpson Strong-Tie structural screws per joist hanger...code requirement

We install a hurricane brace on each joist - 10 Simpson Strong-Tie structural screws per brace...code requirement

We dug deep  and poured at least 5 80lb bags of 3000 psi concrete per footing....pre-drilling to install the concrete anchor bolt...code requirement

The deck joists sit on the of the 2-ply beam...

The beam sit on the 6x6 post and are secured with .5"x6" galvanized through bolts...per code guidelines

The 6x6 post sit on top of 6x6 galvanized bases that sit on the concrete footings we poured earlier. Why? It's a code requirement that prevents water from pooling around the post that can expedite rot....

12' wide stairs on top - 8' on the bottom with a concrete pad - a code requirement...

Notice the post sits on a 4x4 base and bolted to the stringer with .5"x6" galvanized through bolts - when the stairs are done no one will know about this important safety/code feature (no one but us & the homeowner)

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