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The Arbors at Hamilton Mills - Fence

`How lucky can one guy get` goes the song but in our case we were lucky to have done the moving job for this family 1st. After moving in they wanted a new fence installed to let Paris and Ponce roam free in the back yard. 

We were fortunate to win the bid and earn their business once again. 

Below is a step-by-step  (sort of) of what we did  - For instance, it's much easier for us to order the lumber and have Home Depot drop it off, but we really prefer to pre-select the wood in advance. Between selecting lumber, gathering the supporting materials, loading up the bags of concrete its a couple of hours of work.

The type of side fence we installed is a half-moon with french cut posts.  The last picture shows the finished product. In all we built it 152 lf of fence.  

Our services include help with : Home Improvement - Home Repairs - Handyman - Exterior House Painters - Movers

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