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Super Hot Fireplace Stones

ALPHARETTA: We always appreciate inside work and on this particular home we did a LOT of inside and outside work. 

We removed the drywall to install new 2x6's for eaiser and batter placement of the soon to be installed tv mount. We do this to prevent being at the installation mercy of the 2x4 studs.

We also opened the wall to have proper support for the 4x12 rough-sawn cedar mantle. We didn't want exposed support brackets because of our end vision. 

With the pre-work done we commenced the main scope of the project. The mantle is protected. 

BAM!! We installed new stones that will make a refreshing and drastic improvement to this living room. 

Buh-Bam! In goes the hearth. One beautiful 6' piece stone from the Stone Center of Georgia (Roswell) 

Wrapping up the last details but it's essentially done. 

  Looks great!!

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