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Stone Mountain Decks

We were referred to this California investor to build a new deck for his tenant. We appreciated being trusted to do the job. We purchased all the lumber from Home Depot & all joist hangers, hurricane ties, and bases from Simpson-Strong Tie

We demo'd this deck in Stone Mountain and built the deck as a "free standing" deck because we were unable to attach it to the dwelling par code requirements (an important and critical step). 

Code requires the 6x6 posts to rest on 6x6 galvanized bases and on concrete footings to keep sitting water from rotting the lumber.

Notice the hardware - galvanized hurricane ties (diamond) and 1/2" galvanized screws and washers

More hardware

"free standing" refers to two rows of beams and posts versus one end being attached & supported by the dwelling.

Concrete slab at the start of the stairs.

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