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Stone Cold Crazy

ALPHARETTA: What in the world can be do with a bunch of rocks? You'd be surprised. 

This is the old look...plain, nothing especial. We were doing a lot of work on this home and had a great hunch that this portion of the project would look awesome. 

We're removing the old siding getting it ready for all those dumb stones.

We removed the old siding and foam, and installed new plywood, then black roofing paper, then special wire mesh to hold the mortar and stones.

Off we go one stone at a time. Yes, ONE stone at a time. 


         Time's three. :) 

         It's still a process.

Let me tell you it looks sharp. Really complements the beautiful deck we installed. 

Look how well it goes with the Tigerwood Decking from TimberTech Decking. 

It looks cozy, and warm like it was intended to do. 

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