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Something Soft...

It's amazing how much work goes into a small 8'x15' patio. 

From selecting the flagstone, to getting it delivered to completion it's surprising.

The weeds had to pulled and and the small concrete slab busted up. Look how much concrete just in that small area.  

We cleaned up the area, got the wrong substrate delivered. It created extra work but we made it happen. 

Here's Amrando (probably not happy with the crushed stone gravel) but he's doing a good job. 

Next we made an awesome bech/storage out of pressure treated lumber. We placed a PVC lid to make it water proof. 

The finish is wood composite deck board from TimberTech. This product comes with a 30 year fade & stain warranty. 

The homeowner did a great job in softening the look and making it cozy. 

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