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Slabbin' it Up

Let me tell you that there's no better feeling than being highly recommended by a previous client.  

These homeowners are just awesome people. They really are. We ended up doing sooo much for them on this blog we're covering just the concrete slab. 

We demo'd the deck with plans to build a 16'x20' concrete slab

Our lead, Armando, as always committed to doing a great job. 

Here we are doing the prep work in order to set up the proper concrete forming frame. 

Forming is almost complete and believe it;s a lot of work in itself. 

It's really a process. Maybe not complex per se, but it's not something as easy as 1-2-3 either. 

And here's what proper forming looks likes. You have your wood framing and support. Everything is leveled along with the welded mesh wiring. 

The day we started pouring concrete the clouds started pouring rain.

Here;s our man Erik doing his thing making all this concrete look pretty. 

Just this last corner and we're done...

Yup, it's pretty cool to see this process end up as nice as it does. 

This was like a 10" concrete slab. We poured ready mix concrete with fiber mesh in the mix itself. 

The welded mesh and fiber mesh all help the concrete stay strong and not crack. 

Yes, we built this beautiful deck, & roof AND we replaced all the siding, 45 windows & painted. 


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