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Sewage Issues

EAST COBB: We appreciate the relationships we have with property managers. We're glad to be there for them and we're glad they're there for us. I think that's called a win-win. 

Unfortunately this issue was a loser for the tenants b/c they were inconvenienced for a couple of weeks waiting for the insurance and everything else to fall in place. 

We installed new drywall and applied mold resistant primer on all the exposed framing and sub-floors as an additional step.

The sewage line backed up and evidently found the toilet as the easiest place to release.  

Some one else showed up to clean the mess, we should up to make the mess look great again. ;)

That's right....great again. 

In addition to drywall we installed new trim, primed and painted things. 

We do floors but they had selected floor installers before we came to the scene. 

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