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Pay Dirt


This particular project is a lot more than just a concrete slab. However, this time I wanted to showcase more of this phase to help you better understand the process involved. 

The big project is an AZEK PVC new deck. The existing deck will be replaced with AZEK PVC "porch" decking and the rails are Fortress aluminum railis. Visit or contact us for more info. It's a create product with a 30 warranty. 

Here's the concrete part of the project. It's hard to tell in this pic but there's a lot of slope which untilmately ends up in a 10" thick slab.

Lot's of shoveling and moving of water drain pipes.

Bam! Is that not a lot of dirt from an unsuspecting 16x21' area.?

In this pic you also see the "forming" - the 2x8's, stakes etc needed to ensure the slab takes the shape we want it to. 

The "trench" you see will be for the 6x6 posts that will support the new deck...aka "footings." Footings have to be at least 12" deep or until we hit hard/virgin soil. 

We have to transport every bit of concrete in this ready-mix truck to the back yard. 

This time we rented a concrete "scoot" buggy that carries twice as much concrete than a wheel barrow and spares much back pain. 

Prior to pouring and after we "formed" we also installed sheared welded steel wire remesh sheets to further enhance the slab's strength and prevent cracking. 

This is our new best friend...the Wacker Neuson concrete vibrator. When concrete is poured it's likely to have 100's or 1000's of air bubbles that can substantially weaken the dry slab. 

Concrete vibrators will eliminate air bubbles by vigorously shaking the freshly poured concrete with this mechanical vibrator. 

This equipment allows us to leave a much better product for our clients. 

Here she lays...

and after she decided to firm up some we resumed our work -- here' we are leaving what's called a "broom" finish. As opposed to a smooth slippery finish a broom finish leaves a safer walk-able yet nice surface top. 

After about a week of let this thick slab cure, watering it down in the evening to prevent cracks during the curing process and rain we came back to the job site to build the deck. 

Beautiful slab.

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