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Painting - Like New Again

Painting sometimes can seem too expensive and often a do-it-yourself project. But an exterior paint job or a complete interior re-do can be over whelming or physically not practical. It's like the $200 wax & detail job for your car. You don't do it all the time, yes you could probably do it yourself, but there's something about the shop doing it that makes it worth the expense. By the time you drive away you're already noticing how much better the car drives right? :) 

Imaging a new exterior paint job OR a complete interior re-do for your home. How awesome would that be? Like walking into a new home almost. 

We painted all the trim for this young couple last weekend. Day one we pressured washed, day two the paint went on smooth and easy. Call us for a free quote, we're not interior designers but we're very good painters. 

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