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Our Repeat Homeowner

MARIETTA: It's great when a homeowner calls you back for additional work. We repaired the homeowners chimney about 3 years ago. She's now selling and asked that we replace all the siding and paint the town home. 

Our team lead, Armando, plans the project. 

ABOVE: Some of the detailed work we provide.  These "SturdiMounts" hold light fixtures, outlets, and water spigots in place much better and look much nicer.

LEFT: We installed plywood for several reasons.

The plywood (OSB) makes it harder for the wind to come thru the house because it has less seams then when we add the moisture barrier house wrap there's a significant difference inside. 

See how much nicer the HardieSiding lays....that's becuase there's plywood underneath instead of the siding being nailed just to 2x4 studs. Over time the wind damages the look and you can the "waves" on long walls. 

More plywood....we left the chimney alone because we had repaired it a few years ago. 

We work in the cold too...

Looking good....

Looking better....We also painted thie town home with Sherwin Williams' SuperPaint - long lasting.

Call us for a free quote. 

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