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On Lake Lanier


Some jobs we enjoy more than others, particularly on warm sunny lake days. HeeHee

We build a lot of decks with these folks....great products, awesome warranty's (30 years), better people. 

This was truly a unique build for us because we don't like waste. Particularly at $4.69 LF. As usual we designed the deck to maximize every LF and it's why you see sections. The product comes in 12', 16', & 20'.

Another main goal was to maximize the view for obvious reasons. 

The railing system was too robust for this view. 

The problem was that the 6x6 rail posts were part of the actual support posts (more on this down the scroll).

There was a screened in room that also required too many 4x6 posts. which further obstructed the view. 

Here was an early design but we still weren't too happy with keeping the 6x6 rail posts. 

So we said, "the heck with these posts!" Actually the home owner said it and we concurred. :)

We did a couple of things. We cut off the 6x6 posts....

...and we replaced the 2x10 outer rim joists. Why? They were too old and badly weathered. New 2x10's will not only extend the life of the support structure....

...but are better suited for new primer and paint. Old wood doesn't hold paint/stain well at all. 

This was a nice screened in room but it came a premium to the view. 

From way too many posts to two 6x6 posts.

Take a close look at the cut pieces. We left inches where poor design would leave feet per board on the floor. 

The decking turned out great. 

So what did we use? 

From AZEK's Vintage Collection the homeowner selected Cypress PVC main decking complemented with Mahogany borders. Nice!

The old deck

The homeowner is a hands on persona and really did a good job maintaining the wood deck. 

But as wood becomes obsolete for these applications (decks)....

The homeowner will never have to spend stain money, nor will he have to worry about wood rot or split. AZEK comes with a 30 year fade & stain warranty. On the lake that means everything just about. 

      Muy Nice



Getting it done

Looking awesome. 

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