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On Golden Pond

ALPHARETTA, GA: I've always found it interesting how we as humans traverse this globe. Several hundred years ago all this was a jungle, today it's a different kind of jungle but still a jungle. 

Our client recently moved in from Venezuela and found us via Nextdoor (thank you thank you).

There's a lot of Alpharetta'd be surprised how many. 

Like many homes we see, this home had a tree line but no shade to speak of. We provided this rendering for the homeowner to give him a better visual of what we had in mind. 

And off of to work we went. Look at all them trees. 

We used Sherwin Williams SuperPaint with a semi-gloss to help repel moisture. It looks beautiful.

The sun really beat the deck boards down.

We installed new TWENTY FOOT boards...yes, one board per row (we're not fans of cut/staggered boards at all. The boards were secured with polymer-coated deck screws and as you can see the start of the shed roof.

Looks how beautiful. The homeowner made an excellent selection for the deck and railing stain. The stain closely mimics the natural color of the lumber and  looks really, really nice. 

Our U.S. Marine that helped us for the summer. Look at the the tree line....

We're building away. 

Check out the deck railings and decking. It's stained, looks like the color of lumber, looks great, but  I can't recall the name of it!! 

Before we arrived.....

The transformation.....


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