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New Siding, New Trim, & Nine Windows!

As always we're glad we can help. 



Here we are in Milton replacing a lot of siding with a fiber cement siding. You'll also see the newly installed white fascia boards (they're made out of PVC - a real smart move since PVC will not rot).

We're replaced in all nine windows. Three in the garage, two dormer windows, plus four more.


After removing the old siding and install a weather/moisture barrier, installed window flashing, and then installed the windows. 


Up goes the fiber cement siding...


We also removed all the siding and trim from the dormers, and installed windows in each dormer.


Close-up on the dormer work. 


Notice the white trim (fascia)? That's made of the PVC product. 

Left & Below 

More windows and siding opposite end of garage. 

Left & Below: 

The last of the window replacements - no new siding on this side, just new windows. 

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