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Mi Casa su Casa

MILTON: Ok, this isn't my house and I'd have to ask permission to go back. :) 

However, there's a beautiful deck in the back the we want to share with you. 

But first, a view of very well wrapped and cared for materials from our people at PMC Building Materials. 

Our lead, Armando, figuring our how we're going to place a new set of stairs in a tight and confined space. 

This is a PERFECT pic as it shows all the products from TimberTech's Legacy Decking Collection:

***Mocha Boarders

***Tigerwood Main Deck

TimberTech's Radiance Rails

***Kona Rails & Balusters

***Kona Post Sleeves

***LED Post Caps

The old weather worn wood that didn't last long at all considering this is a very new home. 

We didn't replace the framing because it was in very good condition and because of the brick posts were too nice to demo. It would've been a waste.

However, we did install new decking, rails and lots of more split, weathered wood. Gone are the days of re-staining decks...There's a 30 year Fade & Stain Warranty on all of it!! That's awesome. 

You can see where they replaced some wood...that meant materials monies, installation monies and if they would've proceeded...staining monies. 

It was a smart financial and aesthetic decision to go with TimberTech's Composite decking.



Less Work. More Life. :

Improving the American Dream

We didn't build new deck framing but we did build a new set of stairs. 

And look how nice it turned out!!







The perimeter board isn't painted, it's a composite "fascia" board. Sweet

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