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James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding...Looks Good!

Johns Creek: There's no better feeling than getting hired again by a previous means a to us. We met this client from Home Depot's RedBeacon Referral Program

We built one of the biggest deck's we've been involved with for the homeowners back in July and now were were fortunate to repair their chimney and replace all their siding with JamesHardie fiber cement lap siding.

Like many chimney's this one was not wrapped with a moisture protection barrier and has water damage to it's framing.

We replaced the damaged framing, added OSB boards to rigidity strength and wrapped it.

Internal details but important nonetheless---------------------->>>

We pencil each board to ensure a straight/leveled installation as sometimes your eyes can deceive you.

<----- Another important detail is staggering the siding and installing flashing at the ends of each board. Why? Hardie instructions call for it, staggering prevents water from slipping thru plus helps keep the boards straight. The flashing in between the ends is yet another measure to prevent water from sneaking in. 

The house wrap (moisture barrier) is also a must. It prevents water from getting is + it's a warranty requirement from James Hardie.

<---BEFORE (just the wrap)



<---- Armando - 

      Siding & Deck Team Lead

More wrap---------------------->>>>>


That's a lot of James Hardie Fiber Cement Lap Siding 

BTW - this is the deck we built in July (it's under our Deck category)

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