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Jack and Jill Bathroom

ALPHARETTA: We appreciate very much friends and family selecting us for the their home improvement needs.  This was small Jack & Jill that we converted from a tub to a shower with  new floor tile, color etc...

Notice the wall outlet by the red towel then see it below on the next pic. 

Notice the outlet how much closer it is to the vanity? The clients decided to keep the same vanity - they repainted the vanity AND raised it. They did a great job.

The old look

The New Look: Beautiful floor tile planks, great wall color....nice.

The Old Tub 

Demo-ing the old tub....

We love the mosaic floor our clients selected. It took almost three times the grout but it turned out nice.

                           Here it is!!! 

From a different angle....Notice the red paint? It's a liquid cement to seal the joints of the HardieBacker Board substrate.

                         This turned out great! 

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