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It Starts with a Vision

This home improvement project is driven by passionate vision that soon will come to fruition. 

As you can see it was a little unassuming split-level  that now has some serious curb appeal (and we've not even done yet). 

Gone are all the small windows that made this home feel small on the inside. 

We love the lights over the stone. Love the well lit porch. 

Nice 12' real tongue & groove ceilings. 

How about this?!! 

We've installed re-purposed 5/4 deck wood for siding and it looks even better in person. 

Sorry, I love this. 

Looks sooo good!

The deck wood has what we call a Level Two finish. It's not the original surface from when we demo'd the deck, however, it still has a rustic finish by design. 

More of the tongue & groove ceiling. 

Next is the concrete slab and sidewalk. 

Love the well it front porch. Particularly since the home is a good bit down slope from the street. 

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