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It's Just Family Business


We're always, always grateful for the kind clients, friends and family that refer us on Nextdoor. 

We got a call from a new homeowner to build a new deck for his family and we were glad to have won the bid. 

Every now and then my rug rat(s) like to have a "Take Daddy to Work Day." Here we are at PMC Building Materials in East Cobb. 

This is a fairly new subdivision, but like many homes I've observed, people love the natural look of a new deck and never stain it until unfortunately it's too late to save the lumber. Click on this pick & see the handrails. 

Every now and then my big rug-rat(s) help and on this day my son, a U.S> Marine now going to school, drove our mule to drop off some materials. 

Bam! Click on the pick to see all the hardware we install to keep your deck together and safe. 

Notice the plywood on top of the 2x10 deck joist? That's our water proof deck cover system. It's starts with pressure treated plywood.

We then cover the plywood with granular roof rolls (same stuff used in roof valley's on your home). The stips you see provide .25" clearance for water run-off. 

We then install a gutter and downspout for water control.

And just like that you have a dry underneath. Guess what? You can install fans, recessed can lights AND a finished ceiling!!

(psst...look at the hardware holding the 2x10 joist hangers)

More hadware...each joist hanger has TEN structural screws. 

A great thing from code standards is to keep your expensive 6x6 support posts above-grade and resting on a galvanized post base with EIGHT structural screws. 

Yes folks, hardware makes all the structural difference. Many, many times it's not the lumber that gives but more so the connections. 

These are beautiful TWENTY FOOT premium deck boards. Yes, ONE board per row. No cut pieces. 

We use Sherwin Williams SuperDeck stain... great stuff. 

One board per it. Same goes for the top handrails. ONE board that helps maintain structural integrity.  

Here she and beautiful. 

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