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It's a TimberTech Deck!

LAWRENCEVILLE: This is great little story. We were building a deck for an investor and the lady next door asked us to look at her investment property a neighborhood down the road and we did. Almost two years later she asked us to move forward with the project. :) 


         THE DURING--->>


This front porch was really struggling, not so well built but mainly old and giving out.


THE LONG WAY UP... the client changed her mind at the last minute and asked us to put the stair system in the front as opposed to one side as originally planned.

The bushes were saved....

THE SURPRISE: We used TimberTech's composite decking. Worked out well and looks great.

Looks real nice....

Mocha Borders from TimberTech's Lagacy Collection with the center being Sandy Birch from their Terrain Collection. 

Most importantly it will last TWENTY FIVE YEARS.

 We planned on closing the steps (risers) but the client asked us no to. We didn't. 

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