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Hidden Secrets Underneath...

Alpharetta: Interesting story this project was. 

The homeowners needed some very minor repairs (cosmetic more than anything) and wanted the deck painted. 

Unfortunately once all the furniture was removed & we started pressure washing secrets from the wood were exposed. 

Normally a pressure washer doesn't eat wood like this. Turns out the deck look good but inside it was gone.

We tore down all the railing system as well as some posts were rotted as well along with all decking. 

Had to set up temporary bracing for the stair system.

Here's the new railing system built to code. 

We reused the existing 2x2 balusters.

We replaced the old decking with beautiful 20' boards. I board spans the entire deck (we don't like split pieces).

20' boards come in Premium # 1 lumber. We bought this lumber from PMC Building Materials..

This is what the deck looked like on our first visit.

Almost done....

Below: A two-tone stain & paint. 

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