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Great Product Selection

ALPHARETTA: There are times when our clients hit a stylish home run and that was this case with this bathroom. We were really impressed with the everything the clients selected....the bathroom turned out awesome...much nicer in person. 

This bathroom had too many walls one both side and it looked dark. 

We demo'd the entire bathroom, and got busy. What's that red stuff? Liquid cement to seal the joints between the HardieBacker board (another step to prevent water from going where it isn't supposed to go). What's HardieBacker Board - it's a fiber cement substrate (same like HardieSiding) for the tile to be properly secured.

Beautiful dahrling, beautiful....

Touching things up...

Oh my god, it's awesome.!!!!

The old not too tall vanity

Vanity gone! Notice the light fixture? Wait to you see the next pic

Wow. looks awesome

This vanity is really really nice. 

I wish I had a pic of the old tub but the boys demo'd it before our photographer (me) arrived. 

The tub is small but so it the missus....

It's small but really cute. Notice the fixtures come from the knee wall. We had to move the drain as well. Lot's of plumbing. 

Another before pic I regret not having. There was a wall with a door and made the place look too dark and too small. 

It's an open floor plan. The window can light up the entire bath. 

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