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Extreme Bathroom Remodel

EAST COBB: We were glad to be hired for the bathroom re-do. The homeowner wanted a bigger bathroom and made a great decision on starting with a new floor plan. The existing floor plan was date with a super tight space in the toilet/tub room.  The walls came down and a larger bathroom (below) was built.  Somehow the only pic for the new toilet. We only like to use Hardie BackerBoard (same makers of Hardie Lap Siding) - this is substrate for tile. We seal the edges with reddish liquid cement - the drywall has a greenish tint because it's "greenboard" & it's a special mold resistant drywall used for bathrooms. To the left (shower base) is a rubber membrane that goes up to 6" up and behind the BackerBoard to prevent water leaks.  Our lead, Jose, builds showers from scratch. There's the reddish liquid cement I mentioned earlier....if you don't see it on your bathroom remodel: demand it.  Nice close-up Looks clean--->>> Above: The finished product <--To the left, barn doors everywhere

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