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Death Trap...

ALPHARETTA: ...ok, maybe not a death trap, especially not the house. Next Pic

Not a death trap per se, however, injury prone it is indeed. Notice the homeowners stuck vertical 2x4's to hold the deck joise (sub-floor). Dangerous.

What impacts pricing? Materials and labor of course. The ease or difficulty of maneuver around the job site does too. It can lead to longer completions time and/or additional man power or both. 

Now there's ease....  

The caboose  dressed....


      The caboose....

The caboose....

Hardware...extremely important and required by code. 

These stair-straps eliminate the for 2x4's to hold them...better secured, last longer.

The more hardware you see the better the job. 1/2" bolts - 2 per post

Galvanized joist hangers....10 screws per hanger - #9 Simpston Strong-Tie structural screws.

Your main support posts (6x6's) can no longer go below grade....concrete footings go sub-grade, the 6x6 posts sits on top of a galvanized based that sits'above grade level. Why? To prevent rot/decay to the support structure. 

Ditto for the stair railing posts.

Very nice # 1 premium grade 5/4 deck boards. Real nice wood.

These are TWENTY FEET LONG each. Why? Because we like ONE board per row and not cut pieces. Why? Looks better AND last nail pops at the ends. + We screw them on instead of nailing them

Spraying the stain looks soooo much nicer and is better applied....last longer. 


The Front

The Slope

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