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Complete Remodel

Here we are doing a complete remodel that required a lot of plumbing work. 

<--To the left is the original bathroom footprint with a very dated design. It was too cramped and the new condo owner wanted to add a shower. 

To the right is the new floor plan. We removed the closet and the wall that separated the vanity and toilet from above and off we went.

<--- All of the subfloor came off in order for us rearrange the water flows. 

Here's the new shower where the old closet once was. We installed the Hardie BackerBoard (same people that make Hardie Siding. Notice the rubber membrane on the shower base? It goes up about 6" behind the wall - yet another step to prevent water from leaking out. 

Here's our lead, Jose, installing the tile selected by the homeowner. 

We love the full sheet mosaic trim versus two-three rows. All the tile came from Floor & Decor. The building materials from Home Depot.

This corner turned out nice with two shelves plus the soap dish on the left of the water valve. 

The shower glass door really makes it look classy (this pic doesn't do any justice)

The new tub is install and since we knew the homeowner wanted tile around the tub we installed Hadie BackBoard as the substrate (can't install tile on drywall because it'll peel off). Above the backer board is "green" drywall - green is used for bathrooms because it's mold resistant drywall. 

Looking nice....

It's coming together nice. Here's also the vanity.

Sooo much more space with the wall in the middle. 

What a great view. 

There once was a vanity here but now it's the rough-in for the new toilet. 

The middle phase....everyone likes to see this 

The finished product. Tile floors that look like wood floors. 

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