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We're always in pursuit of improvement and here we are in Dallas, Texas at a CHIEF ARCHITECT Intermediate Training. We've had Chief Architect for almost two years and use often. Our goal is to become experts and use it daily. 

Lots of points earned got us 1st class seats. 

An example of what Chief can do

In class trying to master things....

You would not believe how comprehensive this software is. When I worked at the National Park Service I used IBM's Maximo Asset Management software and find this program more comprehensive. 

More soaking in....

Great features for our Kitchen & Bath Division

A little R&R in downtown Grapevine, TX. This litte aea was a real bonus for the trip. Four winery's within 2 small blocks. Awesome. 

Chief Architect Experts. I wanted to bring one home for a week of personal training. All the instructors know sooo much. 

This is a rendering created by us for the deck below. 

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