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MARIETTA:  Have I ever mentioned that we love referral business? We do. We also love repeat business and we were glad to be considered then hired for this TIMBERTECH COMPOSITE DECK!!!

We're in the backyard tearing this old deck to pieces....

It's all in the details. Code now requires stringer-straps to secure stairs. These are Simpson Strong-Tie straps AND #9 structural screws. All galvanized to prevent rust.

Details, details, can't just screw deck screws in because they'll mushroom on you & your expensive decking will look bad. Every screw needs to be pre-drilled prior to installing the deck screws.

We love the RADIANCE RAIL by TIMBERTECH. Also love the square balusters.

Our lead deck builder, Armando, on the left with one of our installers, Jorge. 

This support system is a HUGE NO-NO - can't build on 4x4's (code requires 6x6's) and definitely CAN NOT use these concrete deck blocks. 

Proper concrete footings must be at least 12" into the ground (or until you hit hard ground), and the 6x6 posts must rest on 6x6 galvanized bases. Simpson Strong-Tie bases with #9 structural screws

There are a couple of options for the support system, we always prefer the two-ply 2x10's spanning under the deck. What are those diamonds? Simpson Strong-Ties hurricane ties secured by #9 structural screws. 

Another good view of a totally out of code support structure. However, we would like to give kudo's for the creativity on the build, regardless of being out of code. 

Off we went....

Looking smooth, looking good.

The Old

The Getting There

The Eagle Has Landed

Sandy Birch Deck

White Radiance Railing System

Sandy Birch Deck

White Radiance Railing System

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