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Another Basement & Creative Spaces

ALPHARETTA: The dynamic duo unloading Home Depot materials. We were referred to these new homeowners and let me tell you they were one of the nicest clients we ever worked for. Great people. 

We moved some walls, built some walls, built a double closet with CREATIVE SPACES, installed flooring, painted and installed NEW STEPS....check it out below.

The wall to the left was demo'd, as was the wall in the far end (just studs in this pic).

Wall to the left is gone, new double closets on the left & recessed lights. "Misty" walls from Sherwin-Williams. 

BAM! Look at all that space. The wall to the right was opened, the double closet to the left.

View from the basement entrance...

BAM! Opening is now about 10' and the back wall is gone too. We installed a power surge/outlet on the left wall for a wall mounted tv.

Homeowner did not want to see this panel....

 we took care of it too. 

                         Out with the old--->>>

<<---In with the new! We replaced the steps beacuse the ones under the carpet were old 2x12's with tons of nails. We installed red oak stair treads & then stained them and painted the rest of the trim. 

We installed the same flooring onto the landing as well. Looks awesome. 

Going down?

                  Only in style baby. -->>

Unfinished closet with impractical back space that follows the slope of the steps coming down to the basement.

We converted the closet to a traditional size (the back was way too deep) and took advantage of the excess back space elsewhere. Other wise, the back space becomes a "catch all" of all junk. 

The closet  in the above pic is to the left of the landing opening. 

               We fixed it .

This room will be for the treadmill and home office. 

 Bam!! The Big can click on the pic to enlarge. 

Custom made storage under the stair landing and to the left a better use of the space from the oversize closet.

Both over sized drawers are on wheels to roll out. 

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