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A Lot of Painting and a Little Bit of Everything Else

SMYRNA, GA: We referred to these homeowner's and for that we're always very, very thankful. 

We met with the homeowners to the discuss the scope of work.

And got busy prepping and painting (keep your eye on the windows to the right).

As is customary in our field (lucky us) the scope of work grew and soon the homeowners asked us to remove these skylights. 

And we got busy on that as well. 

We removed the sky lights....

Installed new roof sheathing and 30lb black felt paper. 

And before you knew it we were done.

Click on this picture and you'll see that we spraying the crown molding. Spraying leaves an awesome finish...we use Sherwin Williams ProClassic premium trim paint. Leaves a nice hard shell. 

Our U.S. Marine learning a few things from our pain lead. 

I must give it to the homeowners (maybe just the missus) because they hit it out of  the ballpark. 

We loved their color pallet and the vision to open the sun-room on the left. We also lowered the sky-high mantel to a nicer height. 

Starting the paint process in the foyer.

The mast bathroom. We actually painted almost the entire inside to include some of the basement. It was a big house.  

The old bat cave...we removed all the windows and installed new beams. The slate tile was a paint to remove and a hassle to carry out (very heavy).

The homeowners (likely the missus) made an excellent choice on tile. It's a "brick-like"  from Floor and Decor...awesome. We built the columns and trim..

Build it and they will come....

We did (but not the carpet)

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