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100k in Damages in 10 Minutes

SANDY SPRINGS: I was just sitting down with my first glass of Merlot when I received a call from the property manager at Prado North Condominiums around 7:30 or so. A quick, but strong storm peeled the roofs off of two buildings. Had to rally my guys, make emergency purchases at Home Depot and a late midnight almost one a.m. kinda night. 

Jaime is ALWAYS there to help, always. 

What's that on the parking lot? Massive chunks of roof. 

For the next few days the winds were strong and the tarps wouldn't hold. 

Unfortunately there's not a lot the tarps can do one a raining flat roof. Water still gets in. 

That's ALL roof...we're told it hovered over the building like a magic carpet then flipped over this 2-story condo.

The inside damage was horrible and messy....

This is after our clean-up crew handled business.

The day units damaged, two of them totally. People had to move out. 

Cleaned up and ready for the insurance adjuster....

Once the insulation gets loose it ruins everything. 

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