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Multi-Tasking...Yes We Can
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The Bold & The Beautiful

And the lucky.  We're glad always grateful for making it thru the system and getting referred. 

Great subdivision in Woodstock. 

Cute home with a front porch and red door. Awesome. 
But the homeowners wanted a bold look and at the time I thought it a little to bold. 

But I think it turned out awesome and great. 
We also replaced the old railing system and stairs. Notice the white riser on the new paint job versus on the pic above? 

Stair have no risers on the left but code requires them. 

'Nuff Said

We love this stuff! 

We painted her new town home. 

Multi-Tasking...Yes We Can

We can when our pics are juxtaposed. :) 

We have a few Realtor partners that we're able to help with leasing and listing preps. 

We're able to paint the outside and in the inside of homes. 

Call us for a free quote. 

Back in Black

Yes, we're thankful to do multiple jobs in the same neighborhood. We've done several in this one. We've painted a couple of houses, remodeled a basement, a master shower, retaining walls and decks.Write your post here.

It may not seem like a lot on this truck but it's about all the materials we need to build this huge 20x20 deck. 




Many people think that the posts go up first but that's not the case. 

First goes the frame, then further down the process the frame gets squared, then lots of digging. 

Hey! You Guys Building Another Deck?

We always appreciate referral business and it always makes us feel worthy  when it happens. 

This nosy fella couldn't believe we're back in his neighborhood again. 

This was a two-level deck that started out with a few damaged deck joists but the started never ended. 

Ultimately it didn't make sense anymore to repair the deck. 

We built it all new and installed beautiful 20' 2x6 deck boards. 20' boards means just ONE board per row. No split/cut pieces. No nail pops. 

The bottom was struggling and had rails when none were needed. 

The new deck was left opened for a much better view. The yard slopes down and let's the homeowner's see the that fella more often. 

We got the deck wet just for the sake of a better pic...haha. Not really, it's washed down before it gets stained. 

Here' she sits. Real purty. 

Very similar but not the same. Can you see the difference? There are a few significant differences. 

Like is never happened!! 

Always Brighter Options

We're humbled and delighted to have a good referral base for our business. 
We met with a very nice home owner that had some of her rooms a pretty Natural Linen from Sherwin Williams (SW9109) and wanted to spread some paint around the rest of her home. 

We think it made a fantastic difference! 

Left: After
Right: Before

Foyer Bathroom

Left: After
Right: Before


Remember the kids magazine Highlights? Can you spot the difference between the two pics? 
Hint (we upgraded the white to Sherwin Williams' ProClassic Pure White Trim)

Neighborly Love

EAST COBB: Have we ever mentioned that Nextdoor is the Next Big Thing? 

Because of Nextdoor we did repairs and painted the entire house below in this neighborhood. 

The homeowner on the left referred us to the his neighbor across the street (below)

...and this is where we start our blogstory. 

The homeowner was listing his home and needed a lot of trim and siding replacement as well as pressure washing and painting. 

And here's the finished product after it was repaired and painted. 

The trim installed was really MDF (a type of cardboard trim used for inside work) and it didn't last long.

He we are replacing more siding with new JamesHardie siding. 

Yes, we were all over this house making things right. 

Bam!!  The new color matches the stone work much better than before. 

The old color with too much white. 

Nice home, nice job. Great homeowners. 

Repeat Clients

For several reasons we don't usually work with investors. However, there a handful that we're comfortable working with. 

These clients are serious investors and by serious we mean investors that really make improvements not just patch work (we shy away from slap-it-together and sell it investors)

We painted the entire home - walls, trim, doors, ceilings...everything.

This home didn't require a lot of  drywall repairs but it did need some. 

We too were glad to with the new color choices. 

Kudo's to the clients for once again making good color choices. 

Sewage Issues

EAST COBB: We appreciate the relationships we have with property managers. We're glad to be there for them and we're glad they're there for us. I think that's called a win-win. 

Unfortunately this issue was a loser for the tenants b/c they were inconvenienced for a couple of weeks waiting for the insurance and everything else to fall in place. 

We installed new drywall and applied mold resistant primer on all the exposed framing and sub-floors as an additional step.

The sewage line backed up and evidently found the toilet as the easiest place to release.  

Some one else showed up to clean the mess, we should up to make the mess look great again. ;)

That's right....great again. 

In addition to drywall we installed new trim, primed and painted things. 

We do floors but they had selected floor installers before we came to the scene. 

Everything Gets Painted...I Mean Everything

HOSCHTON:  We try to always get Five Stars from our Home Depot Referral's because gives us opportunities to bid on future jobs like this one. 

The new homeowners wanted the entire inside repainted...trim, doors, walls, ceilings, closets...

and this garage too!

The beige epoxy is a refreshing change from the more common grey.

Fernando and Jacobo walking the home for the first time, coding the rooms. Notice the white doors? They all will change in color soon. 

The homeowner hit it out of the park in our opinion with everything...especially the doors. Peppecorn Grey from Sherwin Williams (#SW7674)

The previous colors were nice but too many to make it work with the homeowners furniture and decor. 

We painted only two rooms with Smokey Blue (#SW7604) for elegance. 

The formal dining room and...

The family room below. 

Everything else was a beautiful Mindful Gray (#SW7016) 

With the exception of a few rooms upstairs... 

The rooms are Temperate Taupe (#SW6037)

The master bedroom and master bath were Copen Blue (#SW0068). Soft to the eyes, makes the bathroom feel a little feng shui. 

You Design & We'll Build It


As vast as the internet is it's still a small world.

What a great nugget this subdivision is. Beautiful townhouses. 

Are client was sharp and knew exactly what he wanted + he's an architect. Ti's a simple design but really helpful for us in delivering what the our client wants. 

What a small world it is. 

A small deck....

...with interesting deck joists. These are 4x6 deck joists compared to the traditional 2x8's or 2x10's. I love them and will investigate if we can build decks with 4x6's.

We didn't even need a dumpsters the deck was so small. 




The Monther-In-Law


We want to thank who ever created Nextdoor. :)

The new owners needed this big room turned into a bedroom. The entrance door is on the left.

We obliged and closed it in for them. 

The entrance door in the far right but dead center is the thickness of the wall. We did NOT want to close in a thick wall and leave bunch of dead-space. 

We closed in the room and made a closet. 

And turned that thick wall on the left into a beautiful book shelf!!

From a different view...the thick wall. 

The room...

We really were glad to leverage that wall space. Turns out the homeowner loves to read and now has a place for all her books!!

A Little Help for a Little While for a Lot of Things

We're part of Home Depot's Pro Referral Program. We're glad to help with big jobs and smaller ones like the one below.

It's amazing the amount of subdivisions in Alpharetta. 

All the homeowners needed done on their home was to have their flashing painted and we said, " Sure! We can help."

And we did....

And all was good thereafter. :) 

This Old Home


We appreciate very much being referred. It's the biggest compliment. 

This is a nice established neighborhood with plenty of beautiful trees.

This old home to the right is the A.H. Stephens Historic House owned by former Georgia Governor of the same name.  

The builder of this home built several look a likes in this nice neighborhood. These homes really stand out because the majority of the neighborhood homes have the slanted siding and angled roofs. This particular home is all cedar siding. 

Here's what it looked like during the transformation. 

First things first, this nice home desperately needed a good washing. 

We painted the dentil trim and porch in a Sherwin Williams semi-gloss white. The siding (only the bottom half painted in this pic) is a Sherwin Williams Double Latte. Nice.

We love spraying when ever possible (and appropriate) because it leaves a much nicer finish. 

Here's a view of almost a finished job. 

As accents we painted the stair risers white but the steps are actually a Sherwin Williams Lodge Brown. Great

We also washed and stained the rear deck. 

We always spray the deck rails and decking and then roll the decking again for a more durable finish. 

This is a Sherwin Williams Woodbriar stain.

The homeowner selected the color and clearly wanted the deck to match her home. Great neutral colors that some plant greens and red umbrella can make it pop. 

Before: We actually replaced many of the chimney boards prior to starting the paint process. 

Much nicer. 

A Lot of Painting and a Little Bit of Everything Else

SMYRNA, GA: We referred to these homeowner's and for that we're always very, very thankful. 

We met with the homeowners to the discuss the scope of work.

And got busy prepping and painting (keep your eye on the windows to the right).

As is customary in our field (lucky us) the scope of work grew and soon the homeowners asked us to remove these skylights. 

And we got busy on that as well. 

We removed the sky lights....

Installed new roof sheathing and 30lb black felt paper. 

And before you knew it we were done.

Click on this picture and you'll see that we spraying the crown molding. Spraying leaves an awesome finish...we use Sherwin Williams ProClassic premium trim paint. Leaves a nice hard shell. 

Our U.S. Marine learning a few things from our pain lead. 

I must give it to the homeowners (maybe just the missus) because they hit it out of  the ballpark. 

We loved their color pallet and the vision to open the sun-room on the left. We also lowered the sky-high mantel to a nicer height. 

Starting the paint process in the foyer.

The mast bathroom. We actually painted almost the entire inside to include some of the basement. It was a big house.  

The old bat cave...we removed all the windows and installed new beams. The slate tile was a paint to remove and a hassle to carry out (very heavy).

The homeowners (likely the missus) made an excellent choice on tile. It's a "brick-like"  from Floor and Decor...awesome. We built the columns and trim..

Build it and they will come....

We did (but not the carpet)

On Golden Pond

ALPHARETTA, GA: I've always found it interesting how we as humans traverse this globe. Several hundred years ago all this was a jungle, today it's a different kind of jungle but still a jungle. 

Our client recently moved in from Venezuela and found us via Nextdoor (thank you thank you).

There's a lot of Alpharetta'd be surprised how many. 

Like many homes we see, this home had a tree line but no shade to speak of. We provided this rendering for the homeowner to give him a better visual of what we had in mind. 

And off of to work we went. Look at all them trees. 

We used Sherwin Williams SuperPaint with a semi-gloss to help repel moisture. It looks beautiful.

The sun really beat the deck boards down.

We installed new TWENTY FOOT boards...yes, one board per row (we're not fans of cut/staggered boards at all. The boards were secured with polymer-coated deck screws and as you can see the start of the shed roof.

Looks how beautiful. The homeowner made an excellent selection for the deck and railing stain. The stain closely mimics the natural color of the lumber and  looks really, really nice. 

Our U.S. Marine that helped us for the summer. Look at the the tree line....

We're building away. 

Check out the deck railings and decking. It's stained, looks like the color of lumber, looks great, but  I can't recall the name of it!! 

Before we arrived.....

The transformation.....


No Way?!

Drywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaDrywall Repairs & Interior Painting - Home Repairs Home Improvement - AlpharettaALPHARETTA: Si way....we did some serious painting in this house. The homeowners wanted all the trim sprayed because it leaves an awesome finish. Especially when using ProClassic Trim Paint from Sherwin-Williams and that's exactly what we did. 

Among many things we also installed a recessed mounted TV outlet equipped with a power surge and tore down the existing mantle. 

And here you have it!! Yes, we did the stone work as well. 

Spray painting an occupied home is cumbersome but it can get done. The results are fantastic. 

The pictures don't do the work too much justice but as you can see it looks real nice. 

We repaired/touched up everywhere just about. 

The clients did a a great job selecting Dorian Gray (they used a flat washable premium paint from Sherwin Williams called Duration.)

Getting busy....

Looking good.....

We have to use a small tip sprayer to focus on the trim and to not waste the paint. ProClassic premium grade paint from Sherwin-Williams. 

The window cleaning took a little over day alone.  

We did the floors too but this post is all about the paint job.....

Duration paint goes on sooooo smooth and looks great when it dries. Did I mention it's a flat WASHABLE paint? 



Cute Condo Bathroom Remodel II

EAST COBB: We were referred to this client (we love referrals) and did a lot of improvements...two bathrooms (here's one of them), the kitchen, all ceilings, recessed lights every where, floors, painting, trim the works. 
To the left is the mast bedroom with a tub...old 80's floor plan. 

The homeowner wanted the tub replaced with a shower and the opening closed in some. 

Here's the bathroom gutted and cleaned....

We're framing things in to reduce the opening. 

Here it is!!! But there's more....

The homeowner's mum had this nice dresser that has sentimental value to both ladies and by pure luck it fit the space perfectly. 

Here it is!!! Looks awesome!!

The pic is little dark b/c not all lights were up... but you can see the progress.

This is the opposite wall..a niche and a sitting corner. 

If you look you can see that this toilet is too close to the tub....not centered. 

Well we fixed that too. We couldn't redo this bathroom and not move the toilet. 

The finished product!!!

Our Repeat Homeowner

MARIETTA: It's great when a homeowner calls you back for additional work. We repaired the homeowners chimney about 3 years ago. She's now selling and asked that we replace all the siding and paint the town home. 

Our team lead, Armando, plans the project. 

ABOVE: Some of the detailed work we provide.  These "SturdiMounts" hold light fixtures, outlets, and water spigots in place much better and look much nicer.

LEFT: We installed plywood for several reasons.

The plywood (OSB) makes it harder for the wind to come thru the house because it has less seams then when we add the moisture barrier house wrap there's a significant difference inside. 

See how much nicer the HardieSiding lays....that's becuase there's plywood underneath instead of the siding being nailed just to 2x4 studs. Over time the wind damages the look and you can the "waves" on long walls. 

More plywood....we left the chimney alone because we had repaired it a few years ago. 

We work in the cold too...

Looking good....

Looking better....We also painted thie town home with Sherwin Williams' SuperPaint - long lasting.

Call us for a free quote. 

Death Trap...

ALPHARETTA: ...ok, maybe not a death trap, especially not the house. Next Pic

Not a death trap per se, however, injury prone it is indeed. Notice the homeowners stuck vertical 2x4's to hold the deck joise (sub-floor). Dangerous.

What impacts pricing? Materials and labor of course. The ease or difficulty of maneuver around the job site does too. It can lead to longer completions time and/or additional man power or both. 

Now there's ease....  

The caboose  dressed....

      The caboose....

The caboose....

Hardware...extremely important and required by code. 

These stair-straps eliminate the for 2x4's to hold them...better secured, last longer.

The more hardware you see the better the job. 1/2" bolts - 2 per post

Galvanized joist hangers....10 screws per hanger - #9 Simpston Strong-Tie structural screws.

Your main support posts (6x6's) can no longer go below grade....concrete footings go sub-grade, the 6x6 posts sits on top of a galvanized based that sits'above grade level. Why? To prevent rot/decay to the support structure. 

Ditto for the stair railing posts.

Very nice # 1 premium grade 5/4 deck boards. Real nice wood.

These are TWENTY FEET LONG each. Why? Because we like ONE board per row and not cut pieces. Why? Looks better AND last nail pops at the ends. + We screw them on instead of nailing them

Spraying the stain looks soooo much nicer and is better applied....last longer. 


The Front

The Slope
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